PMHLC rolls out Zigy.com

Last Updated : 24 August 2015, 18:15 IST
Last Updated : 24 August 2015, 18:15 IST

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 City-based PM Health and Life Care (PMHLC) on Monday announced the launch of its online marketplace Zigy.com. in five cities across the country.

 Zigy.com, which the company claims is India’s first health exchange, integrated with a patient-controlled health record system will now be operational in Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. The company announced plans of a stage-wise expansion into 50 cities in the next 18 months.  
PMHLC Chief Executive Officer said that the company seeks to improve and enhance the quality of healthcare in India. “Swasth Bharath was our dream when we started,” he said.
Zigy.com offers portability, flexibility and empowerment in the hands of the user which Phaneesh Murthy, founder and executive chairman at PMHLC, said are the primary concerns of the health care system in India. It connects users on the platform with doctors, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and diagnostic labs, among others.

In what seems to be the company’s flagship offering — Zigy Health Vault — an online storage facility, users can store and access their medical records on the go. It aims to solve the problem of lack of context and history regarding the patients’ condition which in turn leads to wrong decisions by doctors.

 “For each Zigy Health Vault account, the user can save unlimited medical records for upto six members” he added.

Zigy.com is also home to Zigy Cure and Zigy Care, two distinct online stores within the portal. The former is an online pharmacy and the latter, a health-related products store.
The company has tied up with local players in the pharmaceutical space to deliver products based on prescriptions that need to be uploaded onto the website by the customer. “While we want to make ordering medicines easy, we want to ensure that we adhere to all the rules that entail the process,” said Murthy.

“At present, we have tied up with 35 to 50 pharmacies in each of the five cities, each selected on stringent parameters of technology, inventory holding capacity etc.,” said Bhardwaj, adding that the platform is only tying up with small and local players at the moment, and bigger players will follow suit as the platform grows.

The company plans to raise around $10 million in Series A funding, by the end of this year. It had raised $3.5 million in a family-led seed round, earlier this year.

For a ‘Swasth Bharath’

Two online stores Zigy Care and Zigy Cure have been launched   
PMHLC brings 35-50 pharmacies onboard, in each city
Aims to raise $10 million-$12 million by the end of 2015

Published 24 August 2015, 18:15 IST

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