TNT Quest's infotainment games finds global traction

TNT Quest's infotainment card games for children gains global traction

TNT's Country Quest and Jungle Quest are infotainment card game that can not only impart valuable information with fun elements for children and also engage parents too.

TNT Quest forayed in to the gaming business only a year ago and what's interesting is that the company was formed by three Indian teenagers-- Tanay (14), Neo (aka Vir, 15) and Tarush (17).

In early 2019, the three teenage entrepreneurs hit upon an idea to create an infotainment card game that can not only impart valuable information but also entertain the children and also engage parents too.

"We were deeply interested in varied topics like histories of different countries, trivia from around the world, wildlife, sports, and more. This was the basis for the games we created. We spent months collecting data and fact-checking, juggling school assignments, and projects on the side. Then came the part of establishing the mechanics of the games," the TNT Quest team said.

Later, they tested the games with their friends and family to get genuine feedback on card design and how entertaining the game is. Also, they learned things on printing & distribution issues and stock handling. 

They have launched Country Quest (Rs 299) and as the name suggests it is related to geography. It has colourful cards that explore different countries, interesting facts, flags, capitals, and other exciting trivia. "With multiple ways of playing the game, both kids and adults can stay engaged for hours," the company said.

The second game Jungle Quest (Rs 299) too, seems to be a fun game. With this, children get to know very interesting facts about the unique animals and birds of our planet.

TNT Quest's Jungle Quest card game on Amazon India website

Both the Country Quest and Junge Quest have received overwhelming response in India. Now, the company exports the card games to the US and Europe, and there too, the initial response has been good. They can be bought on popular e-commerce sites-- Amazon, Flipkart, and ExcitingLives.

Buoyed by the good reception around the world, TNT Quest is now working towards new games targeting different age groups. 

"In the current pandemic environment, indoor games are making a comeback. Card games, board games, and other non-gadget leisure activities are keeping families entertained in their homes. And this is where TNT Quest comes into play, literally!" the company said.