India's Ease of Doing Business rank moved to 63 in 2019

India's rank in Ease of Doing Business has moved to 63 in 2019 from 77 in 2018

The survey said India has improved its mark in 7 out of 10 indicators

 Representative image. Credit: iStock Photo

India's rank in for Ease of Doing Business rose to 63rd among 190 countries. It improved to about 14 positions higher, from 77 in 2018, according to Doing Business Report, the Economic Survey released ahead of Union Budget 2021 said.

The survey said India has improved its mark in 7 out of 10 indicators. The survey also says that the report pointed out India as one of the top improvers, claiming that it is the third time consecutively and that it had an improvement of about 67 ranks in three years.

"It is also the highest jump by any large country since 2011," it said. 

The report also highlighted factors that helped businesses such as acquiring electricity, trading across borders among others. However, for the laggards, ‘enforcing contracts’, ‘registering property’, ‘revoking insolvency’, and ‘pay taxes’ were some of them, the report said. 

"The introduction of information technology and single window clearance to make governance more efficient and effective were some of the other concrete steps taken by the government to improve the environment of doing business." the survey claimed.