The Lead: Union Budget 2021 — Key issues that may be raised and more

Last Updated : 01 April 2021, 10:25 IST

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In this episode of The Lead from DH Radio, Head of Outreach at PRS Legislative Research Chakshu Roy tells us about this year's Budget Session, what are the issues that may be raised and what's new this time.

Ahmed Shariff: Hi, this is Ahmed Shariff and welcome to DH Radio. The Budget Session is to start soon. In this podcast, we are joined by Head of Outreach at PRS Legislative Research Chakshu Roy, who will spell out for us whats and hows of the Session.

Hi Chaksu, welcome to DH Radio.

Chakshu Roy: Hi, Ahmed.

Ahmed: Chakshu, as you know, last year has been a sort of double whammy for the states both the pandemic and the centre asking them to borrow to compensate for the GST shortfall. How do you think this will impact the states?

Chakshu: In the upcoming Budget Session of the Parliament and other fiscal contractions is something that will come up for discussion...

To know more about the conversation, listen to the podcast.

Published 28 January 2021, 02:22 IST

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