Apollo Hospital roasted for serving mouldy bread

Apollo Hospital roasted for serving mouldy bread

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A mouldy sandwich has unleashed a barrage of criticism on Apollo Hospitals, Jayanagar. 

An image of a stale bread posted by an attendant of a patient is doing the rounds on social media, following which the hospital administration fired the cook.

The incident, which occurred on November 15, came to light after the post found its way to various social media platforms.

The message, attached to the pictures of the bread with mould on its corners, reads, “This is the kind of food being served in Apollo Hospital Jayanagar from ICU to attendees so they can have a rotation of business. Eat and get admitted. Kindly pass it on to all your groups to stop this unaccountability for human life.”

Dr Govindaiah Yateesh, head of the unit, Apollo Jayanagar, said, “We are aware of the incident and have taken all corrective measures. This was an incident that took place in the canteen. We conducted an investigation and fired the cook. The supervisor has been warned.”

He said the bread was purchased from outside and its expiry date was not checked. Following the incident, a dietician is checking canteen food every day to ensure that the food procured is fresh. He also said the food in question was not served to patients as there were separate canteens for patients and those attending to them.