Four-time ex-MLA strong challenger to incumbent

Four-time ex-MLA strong challenger to incumbent

Home minister Ramalinga Reddy and member of parliment D K Suresh campaigning for Anekal assembly constituency congress candidate Shivanna at Anekal on Wednesday. Photo Srikanta Sharma R.

With the burgeoning IT sector and industries, the Anekal Assembly constituency is on the pathway to growth. But sadly enough, it is not immune to the civic issues plaguing much of the other segments.

Multiple industrial areas like Attibele, Sarjapur and Jigani are major contributors to the economic growth, and they collectively fuel growth in the real-estate in the taluk. Anekal is also known for the vegetables grown in the lush green fields, though the simple ragi remains the staple for the locals there.

Evidently, this is a semi-urban segment reserved for SCs in the Bengaluru Urban district,  whose rapid growth spawns a series of civic issues like law and order, water scarcity and bad interior roads. Housing for the poor remains a non-starter.

Dominated by Telugu and Tamil speakers, Anekal has one BBMP ward, 23 Anekal town municipal wards and 23-gram panchayats.

Political murders 

“This place has seen a lot of political murders,” said Muniyappa, who lives in Church Road in Anekal town. “Law and order is a major issue here. We’re worried about the deterioration,” Muniyappa elaborated, while not concealing his disappointment over the lack of developmental work in the past five years.

Apart from the main roads, the by-lanes branching into residential layouts are in poor condition. Drainage is choking and most localities do not have drinking water and sanitation facilities. “We get drinking water once in eight days,” Muniyappa lamented.

BJP nominee A Narayanswamy, a four-time MLA of this constituency, lost to the incumbent B Shivanna of the Congress in 2013. The saffron candidate, back in the electoral fray, is confident of notching up a victory. “Corruption and law and order are the major issues here,” Narayanswamy said. “People are fed up and want a change. I’ve been a four-time representative of this constituency. People know me and my social work.”

“I have one vote and I’ll cast it wisely this time,” said Parvathy, a resident of Byagadadenahalli.