Science park to foster R&D in City mooted

Science park to foster R&D in City mooted

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has recommended establishment of a science research park in Bangalore and other metros like Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, and Chennai, to help double science research output.

DST said the current parks are more knowledge-technological, while the need is for more science-based parks. The science park is expected to be similar to the Nano park sanctioned for the City. A group of scientists who have compiled a report on the current status of Indian science and submitted it to the DST recently, said the science parks would have to be in the realm of classical science with possibilities of impact.

Theoretical research would be priority with long-term tangible benefits. The assessment among scientists is that even if knowledge parks are considered research parks, the number would still be lower than China, which runs 300 research parks across the country. Bangalore needs a cluster of research groups in classical science, dedicated only to research. Products of research can be taken up by technological parks, while science park would generate theoretical possibilities.

Successful innovation, the report points out, cannot always result from solo effort.

“The journey from mind to market place involves a team effort. The current system rewards individuals. India must move over to awards for teams, who orchestrate different parts of the puzzle of innovation and finally assemble a successful marketable product or deliver a solution to a vexing problem.”

The scientists acknowledged that without cutting-edge science, there cannot be break-through technology and innovation.  responsibility of setting up research park should be a collaboration between Centre, State government and public-private partnership.