Tech helps Andhra Bank officials alert police

Tech helps Andhra Bank officials alert police

Technology came to the rescue of Andhra Bank officials after an emergency message alerted the staff about a burglary attempt at one of the bank’s ATMs in Bengaluru on Sunday night.

When some burglars tried to break open an ATM kiosk near Navrang Signal at Rajajinagar, the alarm system went off and immediately sent a message to bank officials stationed in Mumbai, who alerted the jurisdictional police.

The burglars tried to open the kiosk by using a gas cutter and they were successful in opening the front door.

The Rajajinagar Police rushed to the spot but the burglars had fled by then.

An officer said the burglars were wearing a monkey cap and had sprayed a chemical on CCTV cameras. The police are now checking footages from other CCTV cameras in the vicinity.

On Tuesday, several mechanics in the vicinity who use gas cutters were questioned by the police.

Another officer, however, said that only one person may have tried to break the kiosk and they are doing everything to nab him.