Fear of black magic leads to stark panic

Fear of black magic leads to stark panic

Political opponents resorting to witchcraft: BJP

Fear of black magic leads to stark panic

Police inspecting the spot where sorcery materials were found. DH photo

Even as chief minister B S Yeddyurappa is busy temple-hopping trying to ward off the evil spirits plaguing his government, the discovery on Friday afternoon of some materials associated with black magic on the sprawling lawns of the Vidhana Soudha has convinced BJP leaders that the opponents of the government had conducted a voodoo ritual to destabilise the government.

Strewn on the lawns were some bangles, a handful of vermilion and turmeric, a lemon pierced with four nails, an egg, a copper bowl, a so-called mantra-energized Yantra inscribed on a silver plaque, the head of a sacrificed poultry bird and a doll made of dough were found on the lawns.

BJP leader Dhananjay Kumar put on a brave front and declared that his party had no belief in black magic and believed only in “the almighty”. But the dutch courage broke, and soon he was babbling about how it  was an attempt at wizardry against the BJP government.

"Power mongers have stooped to such a low that they are indulged in Vamachara (witchcraft) with the sole objective of grabbing power. This is shameful," said Dhananjay Kumar in quivering, righteous anger.

Policemen guarding Vidhana Soudha were clueless on how the materials turned up in the high security zone. Apparently, it was a visitor who first spotted the black magic paraphernalia. Soon, a crowd gathered at the spot and the news did not take long to spread in the City like a wildfire. Soon a DCP in charge of the area, Kumaraswamy, rushed to the spot and announced that an inquiry had been ordered into the incident.

Vernacular TV channels for whom such mumbo jumbo is life-giving oxygen, soon got into the act, inviting pundits on witchcraft to analyse the event. Pundit R G Rao from Seshadripuram told one of the channels that the ritual appeared to be designed to invoke a certain Goddess to prevent people from entering Vidhana Soudha. According to him the discovery on the lawns comprised of articles of sorcery that are the basic tool of black-magicians in India to finish off their targets.

“The significance of dolls is more important in the black-magic as it is treated as an image of the person on which hex is spelt. The image may not resemble with the person but it can be a so-called Mantra-energised doll of the rival,” was Rao’s learned analysis.