Speaker may pronounce order before trust vote

Speaker may pronounce order before trust vote

The speculation doing the rounds in the state legislature tonight is that Bopaiah may time the order tomorrow in such a way to avoid any possible appeal before the Karnataka high court ahead of the floor test proceedings which is scheduled to commence at 10 am.

The Speaker had reserved his order earlier in the day without giving any time-frame in a move that left everyone guessing over what shape the political drama in Karnataka will now take.

Bopaiah and Karnataka Governor H R Bhardwaj are already locked in a confrontation over the fate of the 11 BJP rebels which could have a bearing on the survival of the BJP's first government in the south.

The Governor directed the Speaker to maintain the 'configuration' of the House as it existed on October 6, effectively asking him not to disqualify any rebel MLA before the floor test in the Assembly.

The Governor's direction evoked a strong condemnation from the Speaker who called it an 'interference' with the discharge of his duties.