A mystic power called 'Dasara'

Public occupied vantage points to have a glimpse of Jamboo savari
Last Updated 17 October 2010, 18:20 IST

The turnout for Sunday’s procession was an indication of people’s love for Dasara in general and Wadiyars in particular, was not waning anytime soon.

Since morning, all the roads were leading to Mysore Palace and the procession route. The people of all ages walked up to the procession route braving the scorching Sun. The roads inside the city like Jhansi Lakshmibai Road, D Devaraja Urs Road, Dhanvantari Road and others were flooded with people.  They had occupied vantage positions to witness the procession from a close angle. Even the mobile towers were not spared by enthusiasts as they climbed even those. Seating arrangements were made around Chamaraja Circle (old statue circle) where people were allowed to watch the procession.

No chaos

There was absolutely no chaos inside the palace premises too. The cops had deployed non-police personnel at the main entrance and they were allowing only pass holders. Except VVIP vehicles, rest of the vehicles were allowed for parking at Karikallu thotti. A separate seating arrangement was made for pass holders of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 denomination as well as for gold card holders. They had occupied their seats much before the procession started. Police Commissioner Sunil Agarwal had deployed two dozen police personnel inside the palace premises and they ensured speedy passing of tableaux and folk troupes without causing any confusion or chaos.

Second time

Chief Minister, B S Yeddyurappa was forced to offer flowers to Goddess Chamundeshwari placed inside the golden howdah-mounted on Balarama elephant for the second time following request from a few photographers.

In fact, the CM had climbed down the stairs after offering the flowers. Again he was called back by Medical Education and District-In-Charge Minister S A Ramdas and Forest Minister C H Vijayshankar and made Yeddyurappa to offer the leftover flowers to the goddess. The crowd cheered when the scion of Mysore royal family, Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar-attired in white dhoti and white shirt, climbed up the dais to offer flowers to the Goddess Chamundeshwari.


In his message, the CM said Dasara symbolises the victory of good over devil. Whatever obstacles that were confronting the BJP governments have been removed. Thanks to goddess Chamundeshwari, he got opportunity to participate in Dasara for the third consecutive time. “Henceforth, I will talk less and work more. The remaining two years will be concentrated towards only development of the State”.

The procession was discipline throughout with no confusion. The cops had barred people from going near the tableaux. A few artists who tried to go near the VVIP enclosure were stopped by the police. The CM and other dignitaries were seating in a special enclosure. Deputy Commissioner Harsh Gupta and other senior officials managed the entire show very well much to the appreciation of the gathering.

The police had maintained utmost restraint thanks to this year’s new concept of ‘People friendly’ police. There were no reports of stampede or mild caning throughout the procession route. A pick pocket was nabbed red handed and was handed over to the cops.

(Published 17 October 2010, 18:20 IST)

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