I'll never discuss my personal life online: Priyanka Chopra

Last Updated 18 October 2010, 06:17 IST

The Bollywood actress started the Twitter craze by being one of the first celebrities to join the microblogging site. Now she has gone a step further to make her presence felt in the online world.

The 28-year-old signed an agreement with UTV Interactive to launch her voice blog, voice chats and an official YouTube channel. The launch was on Wednesday.

"I think it's high time that I became confident enough to say that this is me and see if you want to. People have just seen me on the big screen, but there I'm playing a character, I'm never myself. But here, it's me, it's everything that I am as a person," Priyanka told IANS in an interview.

"I can talk about stuff that happened behind the scenes, on the sets, backstage or at my place, just talking about things that I find interesting. It's a way of making people know the real me," she added.

However, she stresses she will blog only about things she wants to say and not about her relationships and love life.

"I won't reveal everything about myself. That's the most amazing part about interacting. I can say what I want to say, but one thing that I haven't done and never will is talking about my personal life. That is something I don't believe in talking about," Priyanka maintained.

And any fear of rude or vulgar responses?

"If someone is being rude or vulgar, I can block him. But if it's criticism, I'm very open to it. If there is someone who tells me that I didn't like your performance or your hair, I'll ask them why. I'm interested in knowing what their perception of me is," she said.

"As actors, we are constantly in a place surrounded by people who just praise you; so it's lovely to have people around you who give you a reality check," added the actress who has starred in hits like "Aitraaz", "Dostana", "Fashion" and "Kaminey".

Asked how she balances her personal and professional life, after being a part of so many ventures, the actress said: "You've got to make time for it. Personal life, for me, is my family and friends. I love what I do and I've never faced a conflict between my personal and professional life, and the day I do I'll learn to balance it. But at the moment, since I've not faced a conflict I'm sure it's balanced."

"I'm good at multi-tasking," explains Priyanka blithely.Priyanka, who was last seen in "Anjaana Anjaani" opposite Ranbir Kapoor, has films like "Saat Khoon Maaf", "Don 2" and "Silence" lined up for release.

(Published 18 October 2010, 06:14 IST)

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