Bribery allegation against doc

Accused of ill-treating people who sought treatment
Last Updated : 18 October 2010, 18:23 IST
Last Updated : 18 October 2010, 18:23 IST

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Dr Byrareddy spoke to the three people who were injured, Venkatalakshmama, Narayanappa and Muniyamma, and gathered information regarding the matter. Later, he questioned Dr Diwakar in the presence of Narayanappa.

Shaken up

Dr Diwakar, however, was unable to reply clearly. Every time he was asked about the incident, he ended up stuttering. He continued denying the allegation, when Narayanappa narrated the happenings.

Dr Diwakar said that he was totally unaware of representatives of various organisations visiting the Hospital and raising a hue and cry over the matter.

“I am only aware that I told the patients to move out due to lack of beds in the Hospital,” Dr Diwakar said, adding that he is suffering from typhoid for a week.

Narayanappa, who narrated the incident, however, refuted the claims of the doctor. “We begged him to make facilities for us to stay and be treated in the Hospital. But he refused and mocked us, asking why we would need treatment and then told us to get out of the place,” he said. He added that they told Dr Diwakar they would get a note from a senior doctor recommending treatment. “But Dr Diwakar just mocked us further, saying it would hardly matter to him who we would get notes from and pushed us out,” Narayanappa said.

Report given

Having taken both parties’ explanations of the episode, Dr Byrareddy filed a report and submitted it to the Deputy Commissioner Dr N Manjula.

Dr Manjula had taken Dr Diwakar to task previously, in a bribery incident. She had warned him that he would be not only suspended but also dismissed from duty.

Citizens hope that at least this report will make the Deputy Commissioner put words into action.

Dr Byrareddy informed Deccan Herald that the three injured people are being treated properly, including undergoing various tests. “We are also ensuring that they do not face any more trouble.”

Pay before you enter here

While being questioned by Dr Byrareddy, Dr Diwakar repeated that he had neither asked for not received the Rs 200. He was, however, dumbstruck when asked why he had written on the note that Venkatalakshmamma be admitted only after she paid the amount.

“We begged them for treatment and facilities including a bed in the Hospital. But they did not help us. Yet, just minutes after giving Rs 200 to a hospital staff member Dr Diwakar gave a note instructing admission into the general ward. Then Venkatalakshmamma was admitted into the Hospital,” said relatives of the patients. “The doctor said he did not take any money and there were no beds. Then why did he write the note after we gave Rs 200?”

Published 18 October 2010, 18:23 IST

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