11 reports on Konark temple conservation gather dust

11 reports on Konark temple conservation gather dust

Social activist and advocate Dilip Mohapatra filed a miscellaneous petition in the Orissa High Court yesterday.

The PIL was filed in the vacation court of Justice B N Mohapatra and Justice B K Naik and sought a direction to the state government for furnishing all reports to the court and explain as why no action was taken to protect the the temple.

Mohapatra, earlier this, month had drawn the attention of the HC towards water-logging in the temple premises through a PIL and had informed about the plight of visitors who had to wade through knee-deep water to visit the heritage site.

Following HC intervention, the state government and ASI took measures to clear the water-log.
A team of advocates who visited Konark also submitted a report to the court stating that the temple was not refurbished since 1903 due to which cracks had developed and lichens, weeds and small plants grew there.

The temple was declared a heritage site by UNESCO in 1984