Making a wise choice

Making a wise choice

Comfort zone

Making a wise choice


Many well-known brands, which are accessible only to a select few because of their high price, lack the comfort and assurance which are provided by the local brands.

Big brands advertise their products highlighting the ‘traits’ for the benefit of the consumers.
Celebrities, who endorse the products, also boast about how ‘good’ the brand is. But in reality, how much do people opt for brand tag over the comfort factor of the product? Anandita, a third year BA student, says she prefers street ware over the branded items.

  “The footwear I buy ranges from Rs 100 to 150 and I know that it will not last as long as the branded ones do. In a way, it’s a total value for money since I know what to expect.”
Her friend, Divya also prefers the local brands, “I have many choices when it comes to buying lifestyle products which are not branded. I usually go for branded jeans but when it comes to other clothing material, I’m all for the streetwear. Students, like me, mostly prefer that.”

Rohini, another student, is of the opinion that streetwear is affordable and cost efficient. She says she can go for branded items once she starts working. As of now, her pocket money is limited.

Poonam, a working woman, says that she prefers brands over locally manufactured items because they are comfortable and the availability of size is not restricted.
She’s has had bad experiences with the local products as their colour fades away very quickly and  they are not expandable.

Depending on their experiences and the money at their disposable, shoppers make a choice about buying street ware and branded items in Bangalore.