In fisticuffs, bully lawyer gets face bloodied

Last Updated 24 October 2010, 19:28 IST

But on Saturday evening, a helper of a vehicle towing truck stood his ground and took on a young lawyer when the latter tried to bully him into submission near the Sagar theatre at Gandhinagar on Kanakadas Road.

When the helper, Manju, spotted a two-wheeler parked in a no-parking area, he hoisted it on to the truck on the instructions of a police assistant sub-inspector.

When the lawyer, in his late twenties, realised that his motorcycle had been towed away, ran across to the nearest traffic policemen and picked up a heated argument. Along with a colleague, the lawyer managed to stop the towing truck near the Sagar theatre.

As Manju alighted from the vehicle, the lawyer, whose identity is not being disclosed for legal reasons, slapped him. Stunned and dazed by the force of the slap, a doughty Manju quickly recovered and pounced on his assailant and rained blows on him, leaving the lawyer with a bloody face. But the lawyer was able to alert some of his other colleagues who joined the melee. Without paying any thought to what triggered the incident, the lawyers berated the traffic policemen and the towing truck helpers.

The owner of the truck, A Babu, was dumbstruck as he was surrounded by men in black coats. Even the assistant sub-inspector found himself unable to act. Manju managed to flee the scene while the other helpers, Rakesh, Mahesh and Raju stood helpless. Within moments, dozens of advocates reached the place, protesting against the traffic cops.

A few jumped on to the truck, pulled out the driver and threatened to blow up the vehicle. When the police saw the situation getting out of control, they alerted their colleagues at Upparpet police station which sent in reinforcements to the spot.

Speaking to Deccan Herald on Sunday, a police officer said that Manju hails from KGF and travels to the City everyday for his job. “The poor fellow is the family breadearner and it was unfair on the part of the lawyer to attack him,” the officer said.

After some tantrum-throwing and exchange of invectives, the lawyers and Manju were taken to the police station where the matter was resolved amicably.

Neither party filed any complaint, but sources said that the advocates might not give up easily and are expected to meet officers at Ulsoor Gate police station to pursue the case.

Of late, there have been several incidents of misbehaviour indulged in by lawyers.
Recently, even State Law Minister Suresh Kumar was forced to visit a Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court and after a man was attacked by a lawyer while being taken to the court.

Minister holds talks with Bar

Law Minister Suresh Kumar told Deccan Herald: “Let the tempers cool down. I have had a series of talks with senior advocates and elected members of the Bangalore Bar Association. Even the Chief Justice is not happy with way the advocates are behaving outside the courts.”

(Published 24 October 2010, 19:27 IST)

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