Himachal Court tries to reunite feuding brothers

Himachal Court tries to reunite feuding brothers

In an order reflecting the humane side of law, the Himachal Pradesh High Court has tried to bring the brothers together before settling the case.

Chief Justice Kurian Joseph and Justice Kuldip Singh Monday asked brothers Vimal Kumar, Raj Kumar and Vijay Kumar to host dinner one by one, invite all the family members and celebrate Diwali together.

The three families are not on talking terms since a dispute over an ancestral property in Solan town arose almost 20 years ago. They came face to face only when the matter came up before courts.

The bench said that the eldest brother, Vimal Kumar, should first host a dinner at his residence Oct 27. It should be attended by family members of the other brothers.
Raj Kumar and Vijay Kumar will host dinners Oct 28 and 29 respectively.

"No separate invitation should be sent to any of the brothers," the court observed.
After hosting the dinners, all the three families would unite on Diwali (Nov 5) for a joint celebration.

The court directed the brothers that lawyers representing them should also be invited at the dinners.

The court also directed the brothers that their case would reach a logical conclusion only when they resume talking to one another.The court had earlier tried to resolve their dispute through mediation but failed.