Fortune-tellers warn of rocky road for William and Kate

Arun Kumar Bansal, president of the All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies, saw a mostly rosy future for the second in line to the throne and his wife-to-be, who yesterday announced they would marry next year.

"They match quite well. Together they score 24 points out of 36 on general compatibility," he told AFP after pouring over the couple's astrological birth charts, which he said showed the benign influence of the planet Mercury.

"She has a softer personality than him. She will agree to his demands, and be accommodating of his needs. They will share a good friendship. They will not fight, in public or private -- and Kate will conduct herself well in public.

"William is going through the best phase of his life right now. It will last for 15 to 20 years. But he will not be king for a very long time, at least 15 years," he said. In many Asian cultures, fortune-tellers are the first port of call for people in search of the right partner, and their guidance on the most auspicious date for the wedding and for naming children holds a powerful sway.

Bansal predicted wedding bells would likely chime for William and Middleton in June or July. The only cloud on the horizon, he said, was that the couple may struggle for years before they can conceive the next generation of Britain's royalty.

One of Hong Kong's top feng shui masters, Yeo Tinming, saw no such problems on the children front, predicting Middleton would likely get pregnant in 2012. "The two are very compatible in my eyes. One is born winter time and the other is born during the summer time. They complement each other well," he said, while cautioning that the pair would likely quarrel.

Another Hong Kong fortune-teller was less optimistic, however, saying the royal union would likely end in divorce -- condemning the couple to the same fate as William's parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

"There will be major problems for the couple in the decade after Prince William reaches the age of 39," said Anthony Cheng, a well-known feng shui columnist and TV personality.

Cheng said the 28-year-old prince would likely either suffer a serious accident or get divorced in his 40s. "One of these will happen. And if he encounters an accident, it is likely going to be fatal," Cheng said, advising the prince to avoid travel to southern or tropical locations.

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