An epic performance


While most of the schools have different cultural performances for an annual day, India Creative : Scenes from Ramayana.International School proved to be a cut above the rest by performing a ballet on the Indian epic Ramayana.

The play was staged specially for the students of Siddapura Primary School. It was organised by Abhinav, an NGO run by the India International School. Nearly 650 students participated in the ballet and entertained the audience. The Ramayana was chosen to instill moral and cultural values in children in an entertaining way.

Said Alka Gupta, the vice-principal of India International School, “We wanted to inculcate the values of relationship, devotion, beauty and ideology, which are missing in today’s world, to children of all age groups. All these values make an individual.

Since they don’t find time to learn it by themselves, we thought we could instill these values through a ballet and also project the character of Rama, who is the epitome of all values. This is a first-of-its-kind concept. None of the schools have done it so far.”

Students from primary to high school participated in it. The play started with the narration of Ramayana with tiny tots from the first standard playing celestial beings, singing and dancing in praise of Lord Vishnu.

The kids were simply adorable in their floral costumes. After this, the story unfolded into the core narrative of ‘Ramayana’. The fine aspects of the epic were neatly portrayed by the students. Most of the main characters were from class eight. Sahana Devakumar and Prachi Kaul played the role of Ram and Lakshman respectively.  Sita was played by Shreya Perepa and Hanuman was played by Vishnu Menon of ninth standard.

Their acting brought in a loud applause. The most interesting fact was that the students had composed the music and set up the stage themselves while the script had been prepared by the teachers.

It was indeed a feast for the eyes as the kids displayed their acrobatic talent at such a tender age.

Their team work and coordination was truly appreciable as they put up the show with great earnestness.

Shraddha, a parent, was delighted to see the kids perform. “It was a very nice performance. Hosting such a big show is not an easy task and I really feel their hard work has paid off,” she said. The play lasted for two hours and culminated with the national anthem.  

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