Love issues leave cops clueless

Love issues leave cops clueless

Averting crime

Robertsonpet police, a case in point, say there is increase in cases of lovebirds eloping, ‘missing boy/girl’ and eve-teasing. But, they stumble in handling the issues close to heart. They fail even to help girls who are stalked, eve-teased and even threatened with proposals.


At a recent interaction with the students as part of the crime prevention month observance, a girl student of a college asked a police officer what a girl should do if a young man threatens her to die or chop his hands if she spurns his proposal. The police officer didn’t have answer.

Even the department is not yet able to cope with increasing cases of ‘missing’ youth. Number of minors eloping has increased drastically. The police attribute it to the influence of ‘reel world.’

Following the screen

The youth seem to imitate heroes and heroins of the celluloid in real life. Even the parents have not been able to deal with the problems of the adolescents.

Especially girls, who are forced to accept the proposal by the boys hesitate to inform either parents or complain to police due to fear of social stigma.

A case in point was the recent case of rape in which the victim’s family refused to file a complaint.

‘Be bold’

DySP K Sheshadri has advised the girls not to be gullible. He said, “The girls should not be swayed by endearing words of boy. They should be bold and file complaint with the police if they are eve-teased and harassed.”

Crime prevention

The Robertso0npet police in Kolar Gold Fields have initiated a project on pilot basis to rope in students in identifying the anti-social elements and alerting police about crime and criminals.

The department has planned to display photos of the notorious criminals in schools and ask the students to inform the police if they spot any of those ‘wanted’ criminals.

They said, the students with good memory will be helpful in preventing crime. Besides, they will also be sensitised about problems facing  society due to anti-social activities.

Another reason that the police cite is nature of crime.  Apart from dacoity, robbery, theft and such routine crimes, there are other forms of crime which are concerned to the youth.

The department believes that it has not yet been able to prevent youth getting into the anti-social activities.

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