Forum tells Country Club to pay compensation

The IV Additional Forum has ordered Country Vacations International Holiday Club (a division of Country Club (India) to repay Rs 2 lakh to Abdul Jabbar and his wife. The Club informed the couple that they had won a prize in a lucky draw and asked them to collect it at their office. The couple were later coaxed to join the Club after paying a membership of Rs 2 lakh and offered sites in Tumkur, which were never allocated. The Forum president D Krishnappa found the Club guilty of deficient service and cheating consumers.

In another case 11 consumers have filed complaints with the II Additional Consumer Forum against Y Rajeev Reddy, manager of The Country Club (India), Bangalore division, for not delivering sites after taking money. The manager has been ordered to repay the amount ranging from Rs 90,000 to Rs 1,65,000 to each of the consumers.

“If the Club fails to pay the consumers within a month, it will have to repay the amount with interest,” said Forum president S S Nagarale.

The First Additional Forum has also ordered the Club to refund money to Tej Pratap Panday and Jiloo Luke Varghese. In the case of K Rajendra, the III Additional Forum has ordered The Country Club to refund Rs 1,30,000 to K Rajendra along with a compensation of Rs 15,000.

Replace or refund

S Ranganatha Sharma bought an invertor for Rs 13,500 at Battery’s Spot. However, the invertor did not function owing to deficient battery. The III Forum has ordered the shop to either replace the battery or refund Rs 7,000 to the customer.

Kiosks undelivered

Aravind Motors Ltd had paid Rs 30,000 to Grey Matter, a firm for the supply of 10 kiosks. However, the firm after accepting the money declined to deliver the kiosks. The Forum has ordered the firm to either supply kiosks or refund the full amount to the complainant.

Guilty of deficient service

The Bangalore Urban Consumer Forum president B S Reddy has ordered the Chairman and Managing Director V M K Reddy to repay Rs 4,70,000 to a consumer and Rs 5,65,000 to another consumer for failing to deliver the ‘Little England Layout’ under the Vaibhava Project, which never took off.

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