Mishap spot: Grasslands frequented by tigers and leopards

Mishap spot: Grasslands frequented by tigers and leopards

The area is known as 'pulmedu' as it is a large stretch of grassland in Periyar Wildlife Reserve on the steps of the Western Ghats.

The trekking route is a short-cut for pilgrims from places like Cumbon, Theni and Madurai in Tamil Nadu to reach and return from Sabarimala.

In the past, pilgrims used to trek through the route only in groups as the grasslands are the habitat of tigers. The pilgrims would never camp in the area as there had been several instances of attack on men by tigers and pilgrims.

Inrerestingly, Ayyappa is depicted as riding a tiger in the myths concerning the Lord.
The accident spot is located at 24 km from Vandiperiyar, a small plantation town on Tamil Nadu borders.

According to Aneesh, a local rescuer, yesterday an unusually large crowd had converged in the area as it was one of the best spots to witness the 'makar jyoti', considered as a divine light that flickers across the eastern horizon after the 'arti' at the Lord Ayyappa temple.

The 'makar jyoti' is the finale of the two-month-long pilgrimage during which over 30 million devotees visit and worship the temple.

One of world's most famous forest temples, there are three routes for  devotees to reach the shrine-- Kottayam to Pampa, Erumeli-Pampa and Vandiperiyar to Sannidhanam.

Though vast majority of devotees prefer the first two routes, people from south central Tamil Nadu take the Vandiperiyar route.

According to eye witnesses, one to 2 lakh people were returning through the grassland route yesterday.

The first resting place on the route from the temple is still known as "Pandithavalam", referring to people from the county of Pandian kings