Enjoying what is not mine...

Enjoying what is not mine...


Let me assure you though, that you would be wrong on all counts. I would never ever dream of dispossessing rightful owners of their goods, if only because that is exactly where my advantage lies. Let me explain.

What comes immediately to mind is a scene that is at least 20 years old. Through my mind’s eye I see Mrs Roy’s magnificent garden, the pride and joy of her heart. This good lady spent much of her time on her knees, weeding, pruning and planting. The lawn, the flowering plants and the trees responded happily to her ministrations. It must have filled Mrs Roy’s heart with immense joy, but what she probably didn’t know was the greater joy that this brought to me.

From my vantage point on a first floor flat, I could revel in the pure beauty that surrounded me. The many-splendoured flowers and the birds and butterflies that visited them in droves created what can only be described as Eden-at-a-glance. It was indeed a labour of love neatly divided between the two of us — labour from her side and just love from mine!

Neighbours can be useful in more ways than one. The family that occupies the flat opposite mine owns a lovely, cuddlesome little pug. He has large, soulful eyes that stare out of a flat and had a wrinkled face. They mirror a world of friendliness that is yours for the taking. I, for one, cannot resist the temptation. Whenever I yearn for the warmth and affection that only these four-footed creatures can give us, I open the door to him. It is a gift that comes entirely free of cost. The headache of feeding and grooming him and the heartache of visits to the vet are taken care of by his owners.

My mind now turns to Mrs K. She believes implicitly that they serve the best who serve the most. An ace cook, she can turn out delectable treats at short notice. She derives great joy by  not only indulging others but also by serving them with utmost care, down to the last crumb. Her attention caused me a bit of embarrassment to begin with; but I noticed that my protests made her uncomfortable, and even unhappy. That was when I decided to sit back, please her and indulge myself. It has worked very well indeed!
Last but not least, is the bonus that comes in the evening of your life. I am talking about grandchildren. It is time to be young again, for these little ones bring back to you the April of your life, sans the drudgery. No nappies, no late nights, scolding or strictures. It is smiles and fun, with many joys and no responsibilities. My advice to you? Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses or the Reddys. You may well be able to live it up without doing so!