Punchlines relax frayed nerves!

Punchlines relax frayed nerves!

Unlimited fun

Young and old alike enjoy ‘Nage Habba’ on the second day of ‘techNIEks- 2011’ at NIE in Mysore on Friday. DH photo

Deccan Herald is the media partner for the event.

People, who were looking forward to a fun time with known faces such as Richard Louis, Prof M Krishne Gowda, Narasimha Joshi and Gangavati Pranesha, arriving to tickle their funny bones, weren’t any bit disappointed. Children who had just finished exams after a gruelling schedule, parents who lived up the tension along with their kids, grand parents who saw both generations struggle with the ‘exam mania’, had all come together for a relaxed time. Just as Richard Louis said “Joke artha aaglee bidli, chappaale hodeeri, chikungunya baralla” (irrespective of whether you understand the joke or not; applaud loudly, you won’t be affected by Chikungunya) had the whole crowd cheering him on.

The subtle one liners, and jokes they cracked on each other, sure had the crowd in spilt s every minute. When one of the speakers said Gangavati Pranesha was so thin that one couldn’t differentiate between him and the mike, people responded with peals of laughter. Then there was this ‘enlightenment’ about Shiva, Parvati, Ganga and Ganesha that was received extremely well. “Laptop is no new phenomenon. Shiva had one wife on the lap, another on the top (suggesting Ganga in his locks). Looking at Shiva’s problems owing to his wives, Ganesha turned into a mouse and remained unmarried.”

Just as the evening progressed, the event gained more colours and people let their hair down and had a hearty laugh.

Earlier, students participated in a whole range of competitions including C-coding, pictionary, Dil Dosthi Etc, treasure hunt, bull’s eye, greese munkeys and lagori.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Nithin, a sixth semester student of NIE, said that ‘Dil Dosthi Etc’ had nearly 70 pairs vying for the top honours. He said that each team had two players. Both the players were given questions about the other and whoever identifies the traits of their partners the best, wins the competition.

Only 15 pairs progressed to the second round. In the second round, one of the players in each team had to write an SMS to their partner. Later, those who identified the messages of their partners would progress to the finals. Finally, Ashwar and Nikhil emerged as the winners of the competition.

Organiser of ‘Greese Monkeys’, Praveen Kumar said that the event was held for mechanical engineering students. He said that within a time frame of 15 minutes, the contestants had to disassemble and then again reassemble a compressor. With 17 teams participating in the event, Praveen said that each team had around three to four members.

NIE student Vikram Shankar said that the highlight of the day was the treasure hunt that had students scampering across the city. Nearly 12 teams participated in the event.