Allied airstrikes kill 48, 150 wounded: Libya TV

Allied airstrikes kill 48, 150 wounded: Libya TV

Airstrikes on several Libyan  cities killed 48 people and wounded 150 in "civilian areas," a statement read out on Libyan state television said on Sunday.

Reacting strongly to the attacks, Libyan leader Gaddafi said the Mediterranean has been turned into a "real battlefield" after Western air strikes on Saturday.

The Libyan leader announced that he has opened arms depots for his people to defend the country.

Gaddafi, in a brief audio message broadcast on state television, condemned the allied Western attacks on Libya as "barbaric, unjustified Crusaders' aggression."

He vowed to retaliate with military and civilian targets in the Mediterranean, warning that the interests of Mediterranean and North African countries were now "in danger."

"The Mediterranean region has become a real battlefield," he said. "Arms depots have been opened and all the Libyan people are being armed" to defend the country against Western forces.

British, French and US forces earlier on Saturday launched strikes from the air and sea against Gaddafi's forces under a UN Security Council resolution to impose a ceasefire in a month-long showdown between loyalists and rebels.

US and British forces fired a barrage of at least 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Libya against Gaddafi's air defences, the US military said.