GE Health unveils new India initiative

GE Health unveils new India initiative

GE Healthcare, $17 billion subsidiary of US based General Electric, on Friday, announced the launch of  ‘Healthymagination’, a new initiative  for Indian market to deliver sustainable healthcare based on low cost, high quality and better access.

GE will spend $3 billion over the next six years on research and development for the purpose. Besides $2 billion to drive healthcare information technology and healthcare in rural areas, GE will also spend $1 billion for partnership and services.

“The Indian healthcare industry needs substantial investment to build new models of healthcare.  Healthymagination, based on improving quality and access, is what GE brings to accelerate this transition,” said GE India President & CEO T P Chopra. GE will launch at least 100 innovations across the globe as part of this programme.

GE also brought out two innovative products, lullaby baby warmer (LBW) and logiq P3 (LP3), as part of its new initiative. LBW helps reduce infant deaths from hypothermia and asphyxia by providing newborns with sufficient overhead heat.  LP3 is a simple to use ultrasound imaging system that can help clinicians deliver advanced imaging in multiple care areas from radiology to gynaecology.

“We are not focusing on our $8 b sales target for India in 2010.  But $500 b investment opportunity on infrastructure in India will leverage our aspirations,” he said.