Good job, State government!

Citizens' Woes

The common man who use this highway almost daily, can already feel the difference it has made. It seems we have been liberated at last from the bondage of these mine lobbies who have been dictating their terms to our Government, ministers, administrators, and legislators for reasons best known to all of us.

It needs a lot of conviction, courage and political will to implement such path breaking decisions which has completely changed the comfort zone on these crucial roads. We only hope they will continue this decision even beyond August 31, since our roads and bridges cannot take anymore traffic density/load on their decades old structures. In fact, these stretches of roads and the bridges must be heaving a great sigh of relief and breathing once again to live for a few more meaningful years! Also you feel as if you are driving on a freeway without the hassles of even toll gates.

While we have the right and privilege to question our MLAs, MPs and ministers for their succumbing to political pressure, it is also our sacred duty to express our heartfelt gratitude and compliments to each one of them for having unanimously taken this decision on time.

B N R Rao,
Vivek Nagar, Kulur.

Provide life membership at swimming pool

The Mangalore City Corporation is maintaining the Mangala Swimming pool in its capacity. However, I would like to suggest the City Corporation Mayor to provide concessions (reduced fee) for senior citizens, at the swimming pool, similar to the concessions given in railways, air travel, bus travel and banks. Also, instead of having plan tariffs upto a year in different break ups, plans beyond an year, or even life memberships shall be put in place. I hope the relevant authorities put these suggestions to effect.

R M Sharma, Mangaladevi.

Build bridge across Kumaradhara at Hosmata

The Nethravathi and Kumaradhara rivers get flooded whenever torrential rains occur, blocking roads and submerging low lying areas. The roads leading to Subramanya Temple is often submerged this way for days, as there is no bridge across the Kumaradhara on this road. The talks on bridge has been going on for the past 30 years. We have Zilla Panchayat, Taluk and Gram Panchayats. Chief Minister and other ministers visit the temple very often. But none seems to be interested enough to solve this ever recurring problem.

A lot of people were stranded due to a flooded road at Hosmata this year as well. People who come from far away places for worship, as well as school children and localites are very much inconvenienced by this. Education Minister Aravinda Limbavali who came to Puttur recently voiced his concern over this strange situation taking place in the district of the intellectuals. It is high time the MLA concerned, Village and Taluk Panchayats take up this issue and provide a solution.

J F D’Souza, Attavar.

Why are concerned not responding?

The woes expressed by the citizens of Mangalore through various media practically sees no interaction or response from the officials concerned. All complaints can not be responded, but occasional ones on needful facts, figures and solutions will be much appreciated by the public. Recently, there was a response by Bharatlal Meena to one of the citizens’ letter in a newspaper. This is what is expected from any worthy, efficient and upright official. The much trumpeted development can reach the common man only when a holistic interaction is in place.

I J S Shet, Bolar

Save the consumers!

Recently, to attain a cell phone connection, I provided my Indian Airlines identity card with all required details, to the service provider, who rejected it on grounds that it is not sufficient. Later, I approached another service provider, incidentally owned by the same business group. Interestingly, the same details and ID proof were very much acceptable to them. This is ridiculous and there is no one to save the consumers from this double standard by the group. Will the government look into this harassment and redress it?

K G Shenoy, Konchady.

Emission of black smoke

It is known that emission test is mandatory for every vehicle once in six months and that the violation of this rule is punishable with fine and other actions. However, one can see that a lot of heavy vehicles like buses and lorries are plying on Mangalore roads emitting tons of black smoke thereby polluting the atmosphere. Two wheelers riders and pedestrians on the road are forced to close their nose in order to avoid inhaling the black smoke. It is also observed that the vehicles which emit black smoke just pass through before the eyes of traffic police unstopped. If police are strict, they can catch 100 vehicles per day easily and fine them. If they do not take action, the emission test becomes meaningless.

Sukumar Talpady, Kottara

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