Timeless charm of classical beats

Timeless charm of classical beats

Dance Recital

The performance was par excellence and the audiences were mesmerised by wonderful dance recital.

Jayanthi epitomised grace and performed each piece with such ease that the audience found themselves transfixed by her performance, lost in its sheer beauty.

Jayanthi was accompanied by Ganesh Desai on vocals, Gurumurthy Vaidya on tabla, Shruthi Kamath on sitar and Prakash Hegde on the flute.  

The recital began with Guruvandana, a piece in praise of guru. In this piece guru was considered equivalent to Hari. It was followed by a Teen Taal, a pure dance piece based on 16 beats. It began with a Uthan comprising mainly of elaborate footwork and was followed by Thaat which involved striking beautiful postures.

Aamad, Tukra, Paran Tihai and Ladi were some of the other things showcased in the Teen Taal. In the Gat Nikas, she portrayed the simple Kathak chaal followed by the Parvathi gat which the audience thoroughly enjoyed.

Govardhangiri, a piece describing how lord Krishna saves people of Mathura from heavy rains caused due to the fury of Lord Indra by lifting a mountain and using it as shield against the rains, was wonderfully portrayed. It was followed by a abhinaya piece, where Jayanthi portrayed the playfulness of Lord Krishna as he played pranks and teased the gopikas. The recital ended with a wonderful Tarana, a technical piece which was well-appreciated by the audience.

Jayanthi, giving a word of advice to youngsters pursuing classical dance said, “These days many youngsters have started learning classical dance. Proper training and perfection must be achieved before students decide to start giving performances. It is important for a person to be a good dancer first ,  fame and accolade will follow then.

Patience and dedication to the craft are the key components that are essential to become a good dancer.” Lekhana Raj T, an eleven-year-old member of the audience said, “I am also a bharatanatyam dancer and love dance. I really liked her performance. She had also come to our dance class and taught us many things.”