Design flaws mar City's only hanging bridge

Design flaws mar City's only hanging bridge


Says Ananth Pradravanam, an engineer with Oracle: “The bridge is badly designed. It creates more chaos for commuters. The designers lacked foresight when they ignored the section leading to the Outer Ring Road. They should have constructed parallel lanes to avoid this situation.”

Commuters agree that due to the lack of a link to the adjoining areas of Whitefield and Mahadevpura, the bridge creates more congestion than before.

Vehicles travelling to Whitefield are forced to take the underpass. This area doubles up as a parking lot for the nearby KR Puram railway station and also acts as a pedestrian crossing.
To make matters worse, buses and trucks use the area as a make-shift bus stop. The absence of a traffic signal only adds to the confusion and traffic can get jammed for hours.

Thimmaiah Shetty, a traffic constable says: ìThe bridge has created a lot of problems for the public.

The diversion towards Ring Road is unscientific and creates traffic problems. Traffic is at its peak in the evenings. If it rains, even mildly, everything comes to a standstillî.

Ishaq Q complains: “Many autos stop near the station, even though there is an auto stand provided for them. They frequently double park and cause traffic jams.The police should ensure that they follow the regulations.”

Buses are the main cause for slow moving traffic. “Buses using the bridge halt at the start of the flyover instead of the scheduled bus stop, creating traffic snarls and posing danger for passengers who are forced to alight in the middle of traffic,” said Shetty.

As the bus stop is on the left side of the road, drivers find it difficult to make the lane changes. Passengers who alight near the flyover cannot make use of the overpass and have to fend for themselves.