No takers for garbage

No takers for garbage

Trash Heap

No takers for garbage

Garbage disposal is one of the main problems faced by the residents in the City.
And the door-to-door garbage collection facility introduced by the BBMP has only increased the woes of the people in some places.

Metrolife spoke to a few people who have faced problems due to irregular work by these garbage collectors.Says Shashikala, a resident of Seshadripuram, “The person who comes to our house to collect waste is not at all regular. If he comes  one day, the next three days, he takes leave. Moreover, if anything spills on the way, he just leaves it as it is. But when it comes to collecting cash, he is on time.”

This is a problem most people face. Says Asha Kiran, a resident of Frazer Town, “He is supposed to be at our house at 7 am but when he turns up, it is almost 10. We leave the trash outside the house and sometimes a dog comes and strews the contents all over the place which is a very bad sight and emanates stench too. If he comes on time, this situation won’t arise. We have complained about this many times but no action has been taken.”

When the BBMP was approached about this problem, Govindaraju S E, the Zonal Environmental Officer, had a different take.

He defends, “The work in all the areas is regular. People should understand that these collectors come only once during the day.So if they face a problem, it may be because they do not keep the garbage out on time.”

But the residents have a different opinion. Pawan, who stays in Jayanagar says, “Earlier I used to stay in Bommanahalli and the collection facilities were very bad. For days on end, no one used to come to collect the trash which was very problematic for us. Now, comparatively the situation is much better. But even now, though he comes everyday, he is not on time.”

Even Guru Hegde, a resident of Banashankari 3rd Stage, says he faces the same problem at times. He says, “There are days when the workers do not come. So at such times, I have to go to a particular place which is at quite a distance from my place and then it is collected from there.” And this causes a lot of inconvenience to these working professionals.

In some places though these garbage collectors do a fairly good job, the condition of these workers needs to be improved.

Says Saramma Prithviraj, a resident of Jeevanbhimanagar, “I feel bad for these people as they have to work in really unhygienic conditions. The BBMP should do something to ensure that the garbage collection methods are improvised which will do a lot of good to us too.”