Well-groomed executives

Well-groomed executives

Haute Style

Climbing the corporate ladder

Babak Kamyar

Designer Theresa Raj says that it’s very important to maintain a certain professional look when one graduates from college and steps into the corporate world. According to her, a lot can be said about an individual’s personality in the way he or she carries off clothes in a office. Focussing on Western formal wear, Theresa says that it is imperative for men to have good suits, formal trousers and shirts in black, white, beige and blue colours. “One can never go wrong with these colours,” she explains. As for women, a must-have in their wardrobe is the classic white shirt and a well-fitted formal trousers. “Skirts are optional and largely depend on the body type of the person,” she adds.

During summer, dark colours look very odd on men and women and that’s why the season should be dedicated to subtle colours like light yellow, beige, aqua greens or blues etc. If one is bold enough to experiment with colours, he or she can go for red, green and pink. “But make sure it’s not too loud as it can be distracting. One can wear these colours to a get-together or an office party,” she suggests. A good-fit blazer is an essential item. If the blazer is too tight one can’t move and if it’s too big, it looks shabby. “Keep in mind to stick to neutral colours when matching the shirt to the blazer. Women can experiment with a short blazer – with three-fourth sleeves – just to bring a little variety to the look,” adds Theresa.

If a woman is comfortable carrying off a formal skirt to work, she can either go for slim-fit or box-pleated skirt. “A lot depends on the body type. Those with a heavier bottom can go in for asymmetrical or box-pleated skirts,” says Theresa.

As for the shirt, women can go girly with dressy shirts. Even a plain formal shirt will go well with skirts or trousers. What really tweaks up an entire look is the waistcoat.  “One must be really careful with the waistcoat because if it’s too tight it can spoil the entire look. Try various cuts like the halter neck or the coats with just one strap at the back – it looks stylish on both men and women,” she adds.

Accessories are important to complete the look but one must not go overboard. “Don’t go in for too many junk jewellery. Keep it simple and classy,” says Theresa. For girls, she suggests a good bracelet or a thin chain with pendant and for boys, must-have accessories are good pen, watch and well-polished shoes.

Mansoor Behzad Jam,
II year MCom, Bangalore niversity wore a formal greyish blue suit which suited his body frame. He matched it with a white shirt, a broad silver tie and formal shoes.
Punchline: “Getting the right fit is difficult when it comes to suit. The tie only adds to the sophisticated look. Generally, branded suits are expensive but they are reasonably priced here.” Price: Van Heusen suit: Rs 2,999,  Urbana shirt: Rs 720,  Turtle tie: Rs 716

Zeeshan Hussain,
final year engineering, SMVIT, went for a classic formal dark grey trousers and plain black shirt. He accessorised it with a watch and a slim fit black and grey tie, which goes well with his look. Punchline: “I always choose comfort over style. The outfit is perfect for a formal meeting and since the colours are classic there won’t be problems to mix and match them with the ties.”Price:  Van Heusen tie: Rs 249, Van Heusen shirt: Rs 1079, Van Heusen trousers: Rs 899

Babak Kamyar, I year BSc,
Indian Academy College chose light summer colours. He teamed a light yellow shirt with brown formal trousers and a formal waistcoat. Punchline:  “The minute you wear formal clothes, you start looking professional and confident. I would definitely like to wear this kind of outfit once I step in to the corporate world.” Price: Theme waistcoat: Rs 1,121,  Van Heusen shirt: Rs 1,500,  Louis Philippe trousers: Rs 959

Akshaya Ravi,
II year BBM, Christ University, kept it simple and stylish by pairing a grey slim fit trousers with a black formal shirt. She gave a twist to her look by donning a pin-striped waistcoat. Punchline: “I chose black because it’s my favourite colour and also it’s the eternal classic colour of the corporate world. I like the waistcoat because it gives a classy touch to my look.”Price: Park Avenue shirt: Rs 520, Park Avenue waistcoat: Rs 840

Nishka Mehta,
II year BBM, Christ University teamed a red top with a black formal skirt. She picked a look that would be apt for the office and also for an official dinner with colleagues. Punchline: “I love to accessorise but at the same time I make sure to keep it minimal and stylish. In summer time, I would prefer to wear sleeveless tops with skirts.” Price:  Allen Solly skirt: Rs 500,  Flying Machine shirt: Rs 539

Rukshar Mir, I year, Vogue Institute, likes to mix and match her clothes. She created an optical illusion by teaming a black formal high-waisted skirt and same shade blazer with an aqua blue satin top. Punchline: “Good clothes boost confidence especially in the corporate world. I find this look stylish and glamourous and it’s something I can wear to office and also for meeting friends after work.”
Price: Park Avenue top: Rs 600,  Allen Solly skirt: Rs 500, Allen Solly blazer: Rs 1,500