Unravelling the mystery of pigeons

Unravelling the mystery of pigeons

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involved Raghu Bhagavat, Madhuvanti and Nagaraj Mandya.

In a recent announcement, Discovery Networks spoke about their new non-fiction series ‘Taking on Tyson’ which would premier on Animal Planet next month.
“Through it, the audience would see a different side to Mike Tyson and his relationship with pigeons. Pigeons were the reason that the legendry boxer threw his first ever punch,” said Rajiv Bakshi, Vice President — Marketing, South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific. He also mentioned that pigeon racing as a sport is quite popular in India, including Bangalore.

Rajiv mentioned that the idea behind the programme is to show wildlife in a different format.

“You get to know about the animal from someone who is passionate about it and so you see it from a new perspective. Each of the episodes will track the preparation for the race and everything that happens around it starting from training the pigeons. Also, there is one storyline that goes through the entire series which would last till the end of the month,” said Rajiv. The show is as adrenaline pumping as any car racing show and showcases how sharp, fast and mysterious these species of birds are.

This unique series follows the enigmatic Mike Tyson while he reconnects with his roots and returns to his childhood neighbourhood to face his next challenge. Along with a band of close friends who share his love for these avian athletes, he enters the fascinating realm of pigeon racing.

Highly competitive, this show describes the intricacies of this particular sport from the eyes of an amateur like Mike as he competes with some of the best known faces in this field.

Supporting the novice races during this time are the members of ‘Tyson’s Corner’ which include Mario Costa, Vinnie Torre and Roman brothers. Mike’s rivals include the younger yet experienced racers Joe Green and Helder Rodrigues.

The show will air on June 6, every night at 9 pm, on Animal Planet.