Writings on the wall

Writings on the wall


Writings on the wall

Have you given your walls a look and wondered that they look rather plain and perhaps a trifle boring? Have you thought that while other parts of your home are accessorised and decorated, the walls seem to lose out?

An interesting way to do up your walls is to use wall decals, also known as wall stickers, wall graphics, wall appliqués and wall tattoos that are made of high quality self-adhesive vinyl.

The best part is that the decal is very easy to apply and remove. So if you want to bring your walls to life, read on.


The decals come in exquisite design patterns and are also available based on where you need to use them. For instance, decals meant for children’s rooms have a theme that suits their age and tastes, whereas the living room may have something different, something that is representative of nature. Wall decals are a great way to spruce up your house and personal belongings with style and the best part is you can do it yourself. Shellys’ Walls offers self-adhesive decals that are easy to install on your own and change your drab room into a wow area! A perfect alternative to boring painted walls and messy wallpaper glue, their vast range of designs and colours are updated every month. The decals will fit into any space or theme of your house and suit various age groups and individual rooms and spaces.

Wall decals can be used almost on almost any surface - walls, ceilings, hard wood, concrete floors, furniture, metal surfaces, light switch surrounds, mirrors, fan blades, cabinets, tiles, plastics, refrigerators, dishwashers and many more.

The designs range from contemporary to traditional, nature to nursery, motifs to paintings. This modern wall art comes with customisable options as well. “We have a collection of more than a 100 thousand designs; we concentrate more on nature and ethnic values. They are like a piece of jewellery on your body, which can be fully customised. My five-year-old son installs small decals. The bigger ones need the help of a friend. We give a warranty of two years (under Indian conditions of walls being washed),” explains Shaily Lalvani, Proprietor, Shellys’ Walls.

colour & life Your walls are bound to come alive thanks to decals. PHOTOS COURTESY: SHELLYS’ WALLS The decals collection of Krazywalls has more than 200 designs including various categories like animal wall decals, children’s wall decals, nature wall decals, artistic wall decals, floral wall decals, wall decals of people, sports wall decals, wall letters, chalkboards and devotional wall decals.

The use of wall decals is not only restricted to walls but can be used on glass, floors, doors, ceilings, furniture, and even cars. A wall decal collection varies from printed wall stickers to silhouette designs which are done in single tones or combination collection ranging from general décor to children’s space décor, which has a particularly wide range. At Think Cutieful, the range caters to boys, girls, shared spaces, young adults and teens.

Style statement

The biggest advantage with wall decals is that it is customisable, and you can choose the colour, design and size. They are affordable, durable and reflect your personality, making for a style statement.

“A wall decal can be installed in minutes and the order turnaround time is five days maximum,” says Lalvani. While there are no major challenges in installation, ensure that your wall is in a good condition and clean before fixing these decals. Amit, Director, Krazywalls Creative Arts Pvt. Ltd. points out, “You can add your style and then change it when you want a different look. Peel off the decals and away you go without damaging the wall. Wall decals are made of high-quality vinyl with a matte finish. Matte finish gives one an impression that the images are actually painted on your walls.”

Adds Romilla Tewari, Founder Director, Think cutieful, “Designs such as baroque patterns, abstract, vintage frames are extremely popular in any home setting. They are a quick, affordable and novel way of doing up your walls. Another advantage is that unlike wall papers which are generally a repeat pattern, wall decals can be installed as per space. Every decal is unique in the way it goes on the wall.”

Installation of wall decals is very easy; they usually come with installation instructions as well as squeegee for application. The application of wall decals is similar to application of tattoos. Wall decals come in three layers including the backing paper, vinyl wall decal and transfer paper. By using installation instructions, any one can install wall decals within 15-20 minutes and voila, the walls are transformed!

“They cannot be used on textured walls. Also, there is a misconception in people’s minds about wall decals that they are very expensive which in reality, they are not,” says Amit. The main challenge in fixing wall decals is to take care of the bubbles that come while installing large-size wall decals. Special care needs to be taken and you need to follow application instructions strictly while installing the large-sized wall decals to ensure the same merges with the wall. Another thing you need to take care of is placing wall decals at specific distances on the wall without either over-crowding or making the walls sparse.

“Use wall decals which stay even in wet and moist conditions for your kitchens and bathrooms. There are decals that can be put in sinks and tubs, and are steam and water-resistant,” says Tewari. The cost is usually upwards of Rs 400, but this depends on the area of the decal and not the wall. A wall decal works out cheaper than a good wall paper and can be customised.