Passersby stop for a quick peek

Passersby stop for a quick peek

Not too many missed taking a peek at the statue, which had been kept covered for 18 years.

For many Tamils in the city, this is an occasion to celebrate. Says Gayathri Ravikumar, homemaker, “The statue is a symbolic reminder of the tirukural. The State has to be lauded for taking a step forward to break regional barriers.”

Who is Tiruvalluvar?

Tamil poet who wrote the Tirukural, an ancient literary work on ethics in Tamil.

Thirukural is divided into three parts: Section one deals with ‘Aram’ -doing things, with conscience and honour, section two discusses ‘Porul’ - realities or facts of life, and section three dwells on ‘Inbam’ the worldly pleasures.

Tiruvalluvar lived sometime between the second century BC and the eighth century AD