Post Delhi blast, Bombay HC mulls broadcast of proceedings

Post Delhi blast, Bombay HC mulls broadcast of proceedings

The High Court has asked the Registrars (Legal and Information Technology) to check the feasibility of the idea.

"Incoming crowds can be controlled if proceedings are recorded and displayed (telecast) outside in a waiting room or at home. Considering what happened outside Delhi High Court, this method can ensure smaller crowds," Justice R C Chavan observed while hearing an application filed by social worker Indur Chhugani.

Chhugani has demanded that court should videograph hearing of his petition challenging the election of Congress MP Priya Dutt, to ensure "transparency and fair play".

Justice Chavan said that Court had also sought the opinions of the Advocate General and the Chairman of the state Bar Council.

"The Registrar (IT) has to ascertain the type of equipment that would be required for videographing, cost, and the time to get courts ready. The Registrar (Legal) is to take up the task of checking the modalities and feasibility," Justice Chavan said.

The Registrars, Advocate general and Bar Council Chairman have been asked to submit their replies by September 26.

"The issue is important and the application (by Chhugani) has far-reaching effects.

Every action of the court should be recorded. This would also involve scrutiny of the conduct of all persons present in court," the judge observed. He further said that if proceedings are recorded, the judges would also be happy, because then there would not be any allegations against them.