'Mausam' delayed, now releasing Sep 23

'Mausam' delayed, now releasing Sep 23

The decision has been taken to avoid fragmented release, said Shahid Kapoor, who plays the lead role in the film.

"We are here to announce the changed release date of our film from Sep 16 to Sep 23. The reason for this is that we had applied for two permisions - a NOC (no objection certificate) from the IAF (Indian Air Force) and certification from the censor board. We got U-certificate from the censor board, but IAF gave us a conditional certificate because they wanted a 30-second scene from a particular sequence to be corrected," Shahid told reporters here Wednesday.

"They wanted a tiny little detail changed. Because the scene required computer graphics, even a small change requires a lot of time. That is why it took us so many days to make the correction. We got the NOC last (Tuesday) night," added the actor.

"Mausam", a romantic film, is Shahid's father Pankaj Kapoor's directorial debut and in the film Shahid plays a fighter pilot and is seen "flying" a fighter.

"Today we are ready for India release on Sep 16, but we wanted the overseas release to fall on the same date. However, when we send the prints overseas, there is a particular time before which we have to send the prints. Because we got the NOC last night, we couldn't send the overseas prints. We want the release to happen globally on the same day, so we have changed the release date to Sep 23. We don't want a fragmented release...," said Shahid.

The romantic saga will see Shahid falling in love with a Kashmiri girl, played by Sonam Kapoor.