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The owl

The owl is a bird with powerful eyes
People who know him, call him wise
And he does not tell lies
You cannot trick him even in disguise.
He doesn’t eat flies,
He cannot fly high in the skies.
He is very kind and nice,
His favourite dish is a bunch of mice.
His choice is very good,
He eats very yucky food!

Sarbajit Ghosh (9), Class III ‘H’,
Bishop Cotton Boys School

My favourite ship

Friends make our lives cheerful
Spending time with them is wonderful
Friends share our sorrows and joys
To them, our innermost feelings, we give voice.

I love to be in the world of friendship
I’m sure this ‘ship’ will never sink
This poem is dedicated to all my friends
Who make my life happy and enjoyable!

Rachana Gadam, Class IX,
Don Bosco School, Chitradurga


A decision made should never be broken
You will get a grand reward, not just a token
Make up your mind
Like a ball of thread, it shouldn’t unwind
Don’t give in to hesitation,
To achieve your target
You should have determination.

Diya Wadhera (9), Class IV ‘B’,
National Hill View Public School

Roses and thorns

Roses, roses, roses, though they don’t strike poses,
They are the ultimate queens of beauty,
And, as for the thorns, they’re like horns...
Guards protecting the Queen!

Even if the thorns are raw and green
Roses are eternal beauty queens
They will always steal the scene.

Once, when a farmer was plucking a rose,
The thorn did say,
“Get out of my way!
I need to protect the Queen
If you pluck her, she would no longer be seen.”

The thorn continued, “Protecting the rose is my  duty,
For she is fragile, soft and innocent,
A living thing of utmost beauty.”

Ananya Uday Kumar, Class III,
BGS International Residential School

(Published 09 February 2012, 14:42 IST)

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