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Wind is a force
That charges through the trees,
But when it’s calm
It flows as a summer breeze.
Sometimes, the sturdiest material
Can be destroyed by its rush
A mountain, on the other hand,
Can survive its brush.
The wind is ever powerful,
Roaring along very loud,
But, other times, through endless paths
It floats like an airy cloud.
People can be killed,
And animals can be skinned
Trees can lose their roots,
But never can the wind!

Ananya Vasudev (10), NAFL


See beautiful, buoyant Nature
Observe her in your mind’s eye
And enjoy her beauty
In the deepest recesses of your heart and soul.
Embrace the cool, balmy breeze
And picture the pastel-hued flowers
Which exude a gentle fragrance
That scents the hand that plucks them.
Touch the green leaves and the velvety moss,
And feel the crevices in the tree bark
Where diminutive insects scurry back and forth.
Listen to the music of the rushing waters
That laugh and gurgle over smooth stones
Taste the sweet honey from beehives.
Yes, be ready to reach out with all your senses
To the purity and beauty
That is part of Nature
Which extends from the green meadows
To the fluffy white clouds overhead
Feel and enjoy!

Monisha Govindaraj, Class VII, BGS International Residential School

The Awakening

On the 16th of August
In Delhi’s J P Park
The second fight for independence
Began with a spark.
74-year-old Anna
Who sat on a fast
Left the Indian government

Fighting corruption
He stood his ground
Even when the Delhi police
Made him Tihar-bound.
He was undeterred
Because he knew
His supporters wouldn’t be withered.
Without a drop of water
Or a handful of grain
He continued his revolt
Till the government wailed in pain.

Even after his release
He decided to stay
Putting forward his demand
Of fasting for 30 days.
Indians gathered around the world
Supporting his cause
Demanding the approval of the Lokpal Bill
Without any pause.

Shruti V, Mount Carmel College

The Idiot Box!

Ma, do I have to come now?
For Spiderman’s about to jump off a plane
Zack is trying to keep low
And Batman has got to fight that Dane!

For, at every moment, there is a thrill
At every second, ecstasy
Yet you call me to do my homework
To leave the TV now is not easy!

Idiot Box! Oh, Idiot Box
You make my child so ill...

Ma, this generation
We like this box a lot!
Giving flight to our imagination
It offers fact and fiction
But never causes friction!

Idiot Box! Oh, Idiot Box
You make my child so mad...

Look Ma, Popeye is about to kill
That big fat bad bloke
And the two silly brothers
Are about to crack a joke!

Idiot Box! Oh, Idiot Box
You make my child so crazy...

Ma, you tell me to do my homework
When I am watching TV
It is the finest entertainer
The best that I can see!

Idiot Box! Oh, Idiot Box
You make my child aloof...
You affect children a lot
For, on them, you have a very tight hold!
It’s not that you have gone stale
But you make me moan!
The attraction that you hold out to children
Is very much like glue!
I know that years later
When you’ve gone into the bin
There will be light in every home
And then, I know, I will win!
But Idiot Box! Oh, Idiot Box
You do make my child insane...

Prakruthi Harihar, IX Std 'D'

My Best Friend

Holding hands, uncontrollable laughter and blowing kisses
The kind of thing every girl cherishes
Late night calls, crying on shoulders and sharing secrets
These sort of things never leave
us with regrets

Misunderstandings, confusion and fights that last long
The bond between us just grows
more strong
Losing touch, moving on and missing the past
What we don’t realise is these things are meant to last

We are separated for a while, far apart
I realise it’s only in distance but not in heart
I love you like a sister and probably always will
You’ve helped me and destroyed my
every peril
Thank you my best friend.

Malini Srikrishna, Class IX ‘A’, SKCH (CBSE)

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