Making life special

Making life special

 Think positive
One good thing you can do is to help the environment by not littering, helping  animals  and recycling. These three things not only make you feel better but also help the animals and their homes.

Another way to make you happy is to keep healthy, some ways to do this are to exercise well, eat in moderation, and eat healthy, when you keep your body healthy, you make yourself feel better and happier, eating things in moderation not only helps you but also make you feel better as well. Exercise is a great way to stay fit and you will feel really happy that you got to work out. Helping people who are not as privileged as us is another way to make life special, one way to do this is to raise money and give It to an orphanage or charity, or someone you know who needs it. We can also donate our clothes and other items that we don't use to people who could use them, usefully, charities like the salvation Army help give old clothes to the people who need them the most, Working In charities or spending time In orphanages Is a great way to spend time. Thinking about others and helping them the most you can, will not only benefit society it will make you feel special. Another way of helping people is to help your neighbours. Asking around your neighbourhood for any odd jobs that need to be done is helpful and sometimes enjoyable.

After helping all these people, I must make myself happy too. what I've always wanted to do is compete in swimming competitions. All the competitions I have competed in have always been either too harsh or too easy. I want a competition In between that isn't hard nor easy. Another thing I have wanted to do is become an artist when I grow up. Having done all of these jobs has made me feel better than I ever have before. I think If you try these things you'll feel special because you've done your part.

Pooja Tadepalli,
Grade IV,

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