Italian wood flooring options

Italian wood flooring options

Italian wood

Elegance and simplicity are two main wood values. The rigour, with which parquet flooring is selected, is simply an aesthetic choice which evokes taste and lifestyle of the different clients. For the first time in India, architects, interior designers and clients will have access to committed experienced service and technical expertise. Listone Giordano, a generic term for top quality hardwood flooring in Italy and many parts of the world, is now available in India.  With satin semi gloss and satin matt finishes, artistic textures of straight veins and a mixture of straight/winding veins and dimensions ranging from 1190 mm to 2400 mm, Listone Giordano has proved itself to be worthy of being its consumers first choice for engineered hardwood floors for their homes.

Due to its highly structured counterbalanced birch multilayer / hdf support, Italia Wood floors are highly resistant to warp or shrinkage or any other dimensional / structural instability. The varnishes on the top of the wood are highly resistant to stains of any sort. However, like other flooring options, it is advised to clear the stain area with a damp cloth as soon as possible. Harder stains can be wiped off using vinegar on a cloth. This collection of engineered hardwood is available in a wide range of colours ranging right from yellowish tone of Canadian maple to brown of oak, dark brown of Iroko, reddish of Cabreva Vermelha and the chocolate dark tones of Oak Noir and Wenge and a price range of Rs 5,600 to Rs 20,000 per square meter.
 Maintaining a hardwood floor is not any difficult than a carpet or marble / ceramic flooring. A regular brooming / mopping on a daily basis keeps the floor looking nice for a long time to come. Installing an Italia wood floor is easy. 

Until now solid wood flooring with its extremely simple construction has been the most widespread type of wood flooring. It is also, however, the most problematic, because, more so than with other types of wood flooring, it is likely to loose its original configuration. Two layered wood floor developed by Liston Giordano shows innovative characteristics in comparison with solid wood floor. The innovative strip consists of two layers: a wood top layer and multi-ply support layer which provides exceptional stability, strength and durability thanks to its engineered cross-ply construction.  
Listone Giordano hardwood floor works in favour of the environment even after having been installed in the home. It improves thermal efficiency, balances environmental humidity, inhibits electrostatic charges accumulation and, as its adhesives and varnishes are non toxic and emissions are solvent free, creating natural conditions for a healthy living.

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