'SRK,' 'Salman' sold at Jaipur market

'SRK,' 'Salman' sold at Jaipur market

After the release of the popular “Debang” and “Ra.One,” Salman and Shahrukh have been priced at Rs 2 lakh each, while Saif is priced at Rs 1 lakh. Like the Bollywood heroes whose desirability depends on the six packs they sport, the worth of the goats are in proportion to their weight and looks. Shahrukh and Salman are said to weigh between 100 to 125 kg, while Saif weighs 80 kg.

"Last year I sold Aamir Khan, weighing 125 kg, for Rs 1.5 lakh. However, this year Shahrukh and Salman seem to be at the top. I am hoping to get Rs 5 lakh by selling Shahrukh and Salman for Rs 2 lakh each, considering their popularity after ‘Debang’ and ‘Ra.One,’ " said Omar Bhai, a native of Tonk district, who habitually names all his goats after film actors. Saif Ali Khan comes next for Rs 1 lakh, he said.

But there is a fourth Khan in the market who outweighs all the other Khans at the goat mart, Sher Khan. Sher Khan weighs 150 kg and has been priced at Rs 2.25 lakh by its owner. "Sher Khan is the king of all Khans and I am hoping he would fetch a price of Rs 2.25 lakh," the owner said.

However, it seems the recession and inflation are having an effect on the buyers. So far, the bid for Salman and Shahrukh is at Rs 75,000 each, while Sher Khan leads with a bid of Rs 85,000. But nonetheless, the owners are sure that they will get the price they have quoted before the Bakari-Id.

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