These psychology students face a 'practical' problem

These psychology students face a 'practical' problem

Most students studying psychology in I BA at Seshadripuram College are in a fix ever since their exam results were announced. They appeared for the practical exam and when the results came out, they were marked absent for the exam. The students find themselves in a soup for no fault of theirs.

“We were given new register numbers for our theory exams after our practical exam got over. However, we found that in the register maintained in the psychology department, our register numbers were erased with whitener and the register numbers given for our theory exams were re-written over the old numbers,” the students told Deccan Herald.

The practical exam was held on October 3 and the theory papers from October 23 to November 3. The results were announced on December 21. In all, 29 students appeared for the exam and 28 of them have been marked absent. One student has got the result right, as the student’s number was in a separate set, since the form was submitted late.

The day the results were announced, the lecturers had assured them that the problem would be rectified in a few days.

When Deccan Herald contacted the college a few days ago, the head of the department of psychology said that the college had approached the university with the problem and it would be solved soon. On Tuesday, the head of the department said the “problem has been solved”.

However, the university officials claim ignorance about the issue.

“We haven’t received any such information. We can solve the problem in a matter of a few minutes. If any particular candidate who has the problem approaches the university, we will solve it immediately,” said one of the special officers of the university.

Meanwhile, the students were reprimanded for complaining about the problem “to the media”.

“The lecturers are asking us to approach the administration. The principal is not willing to speak to us,” said the worried students.

The marks cards will be out in a few days and if the students are marked absent for the practical exam, they will have to repeat the exam. Moreover, the students are worried that it will reflect poorly on their CV.

With the college saying that the problem has been solved and the university saying the college has not approached them, the students are in a quandary.

The results announced on still displays that the students were “absent” for the psychology practical exam.