Scorching the ramp

Scorching the ramp

Fashion fiesta

The fashion team at Mount Carmel College springs surprises every year with its unending creativity and designs that pack some real professionalism.

chic Models showcasing the latest collection.

The college’s ‘Cul-Ah’ fashion show is quite unlike a
typical college fashion show. So much so that the show comes up with something that redefines the term ‘fashion’ in every sense.

Thanks to the untiring efforts of Mithilesh Nyathappa, the choreographer of the fashion team, there is never a dull moment in the annual campus affair that everyone looks forward to.

   This year too was no different with the clothes designed and cut to look and feel futuristic.

   “We didn’t want it to look predictable. We wanted the clothes to look futuristic but not appear alien at all. It was a challenge to strike a balance between the two,” Mithilesh told Metrolife.

The designs were definitely funky and a whole creative process had gone into

   Every garment had a story to tell and the hair and make-up were done keeping the garment in mind.

The designer has explored and exploited the quilting technique.

“The concept of drapes was generously used. The clothes were all made with black as the base. The idea was to project an influence of the past yet keeping it futuristic. We also used a lot of shimmer on the hair and the features were made to appear sharper and the eyes well-defined, completing the futuristic appeal,” explained Mithilesh. Mithilesh has always found time amidst his regular job to pursue his passion — fashion and choreography.

He has been grooming the fashion team of the Mount Carmel College for a couple of years now and has groomed popular actress Deepika Padukone and models Krithika Babu, Kesari, Alisha and Sonam who still walk for some of the best
designers across the country.      

For this show, Mithilesh was assisted by Vikram Mittal with the make-up, R A Chetan, who designed the clothes and Nurus Sabah, a second year student of fashion who designed the shoes.

Talking about the make-up, Vikram said that the emphasis was to make the girls look glamourous and appear futuristic but not like the alien concept as that would be too unreal.

“I generously used shimmer and the silver colour was the common element running through.

The idea was to go crazy on the make-up but keep it practical because the clothes were designed to be wearable,” explained Vikram.

“The look was very playful and subtle. The hair dos were played up and the eyes were made to look bolder,” he added.  

 The clothes were designed by R A Chetan who said that the ruffling and quilting made all the difference.

“The shoulders were accentuated with ruffling. It added a lot of depth to the garment. Every garment was made to look unique. It was futuristic but it was quite wearable as well.”

The shoes were made to look as funky as the clothes. They were ordinary shoes that were transformed to look large and unusual. “We were inspired by the Armadillo heels worn by Lady Gaga. We just cut cardboard paper into strips, coloured them and stuck them up together,” observed Nurus Sabah.