Today's letters

Today's letters

Mushrraf’s justification


This refers to ‘Mush admits to funds diversion’ (DH, Sept 14). The revelation of aid on war against terrorism is misused and spent to strengthening defences against India is an idiotic and foolish justification by Mushraff. Where is the time for India to fight against Pakistan? Our bearing of terrorism made us weak as the address of terrorists is Pakistan, their leaders and its policy is always “a policy of aggression and blaming”. Mushraff is an expert of war operations, he engineered Kargil war in which India had lost men and spent huge money. He also misleads US and Pakistan on war on terrorism. It is surprising that there is no answer on 26/11 attack by Pakistan made elements in India, instead playing all blame game and making to the matter in pending a great tactic

D Kishan Prasad Rao



Chidambaram should also chide the ‘State Netas’
 Most of the times these CEO's who enjoy constitutional safeguards of their post fail to impress on their 'State Political Bosses' the right path and merely nod their heads like sacrificial lambs in the hands of the butchers. The IPS officers are duty bound to act as per law of the land disregarding their political bosses who hardly have any knowledge of the law of the land, thanks to their poor background. Also, political parties should choose some knowledgeable and descent candidates instead of giving priority to other petty concerns like caste, money power etc., so that cabinets formed after elections will have reasonable and responsible ministers. Chidambaram should also chide the ‘State Netas’ for not interfering in the work of Police departments as well as ensuring enough funds and men for their effective functioning. It should be highlighted to the States that  week police forces of the nation is  one of the main reasons for terrorists free run in the country.       

Austerity measures should be made permanent

When our ministers and others have started austerity measures for current difficult economical situation, just at that moment Chief Justice of India (CJI) K G Balakrishnan sought the clearance for his proposed visit to Australia later this month along with 16 others. Since CJI has accepted the invitation, declining at this stage may be a bad precedent. It’s not shocking that when India having the largest backlog of court cases in the world, then its 16 judges will go for seminar at Australia for 16 days. Are they going to learn from Aussie Judges on how to wipe out the backlog? To avoid this, there are few possibilities, to avoid the crisis: (1) In place of 16, CJI should go with two other judges; (2) they should attend the conference through video conferencing or (3) the CJI can fund the trip either personally or accept the trip funded by the exchequer in the economy class and the other measure has been taken by the government as an austerity drive. I’m sure this will enhance CJI’s stature and make him a role model for our VIPs to emulate. Another crucial point, drought or no drought, recession or no recession austerity measures should be made permanent.

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee



Dalai Lama’s visit to AP
 With the impending visit of the Tibetan spiritual head Dalai Lama to the Indian State of Arunachal Pradesh becoming almost a certainty, the Chinese seem to have lost no time in taking up the task of sabre rattling, by ordering a sudden spurt in its troop movements at various places along its border with India. Our commies would definitely treat this as a matter of mere “coincidence” and of “routine” nature, which in no way, is connected with the proposed visit of the religious leader.

 Arun Malankar


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