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Students yet to get textbooks

Its note worthy to know that government of Karnataka is supplying school text books free of cost to the students besides its other welfare programmes. Through this, they want our younger generation to get access to textbooks and get going ahead in their academic studies.

But it is painful to note that though three months have goneby in the new academic year, enough text book copies have not been supplied to the schools.

As a result, students are failing or under performing in the schools. My son studies in VIII Std in one of the government aided schools at Udupi. He and many of his mates got only three textbooks so far. They are yet to be supplied with three other set of books. When the school administration was asked the reason for the delay, they say they are helpless.

Neither we get those books in the market, nor we can use the senior students books because of the changed syllabus this time.

This is really a torture to the students, teachers and parents as well. How could the ministry concerned cause damage to the society at large? Who is to be blamed for this havoc? When could we expect the books to be supplied? Authorities concerned please give us the response.

Moses N, Udupi.

Pay salary to aided school teachers

A teacher is respected by the society as God. Every year, on September 5, we celebrate Teachers’ Day by offering flowers and bouquets to the teachers for their dedicated service. But, at the same time, we are not looking at their problems.

The aided school teachers in DK district have not received their salary from last three months. The benefits of the VI Pay Commission is also not extended to them.

Due to the delay in receiving salaries, they are unable to remit installments to the banks for the loans taken. The bankers will charge additional interest, if it is not remitted in time. The teachers are trying to contact their representatives, but they are not available.

When this matter was brought to the notice of the Block Education Officers concerned, they in turn pointed fingers at the case workers concerned.

The reason for the delay in disbursing the salary is not known. As the officials get their salaries on time, they don’t bother about aided school teachers problems.

On the first of every month, the department is publishing ‘Thingala Thirulu’ without any delay. But they are not showing the same interest in disbursing aided school teachers salary. The DDPI should look into this matter immediately, on humanitarian grounds.

K P A Rahim,  Jeppu.

Repair road near EPF office

The road near EPF office is in a mess as it is completely deteriorated, forming a number of potholes. The Silva Road from Hotel Mangala up to Highland has been asphalted in April, but this stretch (near EPF office) is spoiled very badly and vehicles cannot move freely through this road. Even pedestrians cannot walk because of number of potholes with muddy water in it. The two-wheelers are facing difficulty, while passing through the road. It is not known why the corporator of this ward is not taking any interest to repair this road. This stretch is being damaged every year and is in worst condition. Therefore the MCC authorities have to repair this road by doing quality work.

J F D’Souza,   Attavar

Repair concrete     road

The road from Fr Muller’s Hospital upto Nandigudda Circle has been concretised two years ago, but the road sans other basic facilities like footpath and drains. In between, the middle portion meant for forming dividers, though filled up with cement in many places from Valencia Junction upto Nandigudda Circle, has sunk and the edges are giving scope for accidents.

Many a times, two-wheelers skid/slip at this stretch and riders succumb to injuries. So far, nobody has bothered to repair the middle portion by filling up and leveling. The Mangalore City Corporation (MCC) needs to take up the repair of the road to save the life of two-wheeler riders.

Jeffrey Kumar, Jeppu 
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