Talk about nipping it in the bud

Talk about nipping it in the bud

Talk about nipping it in the bud

The CBSE Board has decided to introduce doping test in schools to
ensure that the CBSE inter-school sports and games competitions are

This decision has been taken by the board to stop children from taking drugs that better their performance in sports. This has taken parents and children by surprise.
They feel that it is wrong to expose a child to the ‘D’ word at such a tender age.The board’s website states that the board, along with the National Anti Doping Agency, will soon introduce the test (scheduled to start from the current session 2012 -2013) so as to ensure that the inter-school athletic meets are dope-free.

The board has also drawn up a list of banned substances, which will soon be up on its website. Students of CBSE  schools in the City, who are a part of the sports team, feel that it is unnecessary and as children, they are being exposed to the concept too soon.

“I don’t think dope tests are required for school students. It is wrong to
introduce the concept to us so soon. I don’t think any of us consume drugs
and conducting a dope test will certainly have a negative impact on us,” says Ashish, a student of class eight.

However, parents feel that the board should keep in mind that they are playing with the future of a child. “If there is a mistake and a child is banned from taking part in a meet, it will cost him or her the future.

The board is takinga huge risk and they should think twice before implementing it. Moreover, how can a school-going child test positive for drugs? Our children are always with us. We don’t give them drugs and they don’t know where to get the
drugs from.

When it’s an adult, it is a little difficult
to keep a tab on their whereabouts. But in this case, it is a child. We don’t want our
children to know about the banned substances as they might just want to try them. It is a huge risk,”says Umesh Lata, a home-maker.

She adds that as a mother, she would not want her son to get to know about drugs
so soon and the decision of the board is a cause of worry for not only her but many parents whose children are active on the tracks.

However, some feel that it might help in negating the use of drugs or the banned substances at a young age itself. “I feel it is right for the board to check as
some students might be using drugs to win.

I don’t know anyone who consumes steroids,” said Vibhu Devaansh, a student of class eight.