Website that tells about your office in advance

Website that tells about your office in advance

Website that tells about your office in advance

Know everything about your workplace even before you join!

While considering applying for an advertised position, job seekers in Australia can now read anonymous reviews of their potential workplaces on a new website.

The website allows potential employees to easily access what a workplace is like before they go there, just how travellers on Trip Advisor can compare and share their experiences of - for example - a Roman bus tour.

The website works like a search engine, using technology barriers and a process to ensure community guidelines for the reviews, the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ reported.

“We’re looking at a change that is about people sharing information online and being open to do so. We’ve gone to great pains to protect user anonymity but also to control the quality of the reviews,” InsideTrak founder and chief executive Mike Larsen, said.

According to the report, recent reviews includes a “NO GO ZONE” from one reviewer for the Australian College of Dermatologists in Rhodes, NSW, which received only one star out of a possible five, while on the other hand, mining giant Rio Tinto’s iron ore business in Perth scored 4.5.

Larsen said he was optimistic that the website would also have an impact on how employers manage workplaces.

“Right now when someone goes to look for a job they really just get the employer’s perspective. This is really to help answer the question ‘what’s it really like to work there’,” he said.