Get a kick out of these jeans

Get a kick out of these jeans


Get a kick out of these jeans

Dull boring jeans in subdued hues are passe. Make way for the bright fuchsia and canary yellow shades. Take your pick and make a bold style statement, suggests  Ankita Sengupta

Kim Kardashian has done it, as has Cheryl Cole, and Sarah Jessica Parker soon followed. Closer home we have Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut.

Wondering what connects all of them apart from acting? It’s jeans.

Not the dull boring ones in subdued shades of black and blue but the bold ones. These jeans come in colours such as fuchsia, lilac, bottle green, electric blue and even canary yellow.            

Coloured jeans have been in fashion for quite a while now but due to the fact that it screams for attention, not many have been bold enough to try it out. However, thanks to our celebrities, people have begun to pay attention to colours and that’s when these beauties step in.

A couple of years back if you wanted coloured trousers, there was hardly anything available. All you’d get were coloured leggings and tights but with these jeans you get the advantage of being colourful and the benefits of having the pockets too.

For many, jeans is not only a garment of comfort or luxury, but an article of necessity owing to the fact that one can stuff almost one’s whole world into it. But, since they used to be available only in limited colours and shades, more attention was paid to the blouse than the jeans. That has now become a thing of the past. With these rainbow jeans flooding the market, it is evident that for once, jeans will not be the understated garment giving away its share of glory to those fancy blouses. It has now become bolder, stronger and has grown up to garner as much attention as the blouses, if not more.

Brightens the mood

Available in a variety of hues, not only do these jeans brighten up your outfit, it could brighten up your mood too. If you’re feeling low, all you need to do is pull up a pair of pink jeans and almost immediately you’ll be able to feel your mood lightening up. Risa Monica Kharmutee, a media student says that these jeans are an extension of her personality, “I like bright colours and with all the colours that are available, I can colour block with my accessories.”

Mythila Shelke, a computer retailer, boasts of an entire collection of such jeans which includes pink, maroon, orange, deep plum and bottle green. “These jeans offer a wide variety of options and they are a refreshing change from the regular ones”, she says.
Also, if you are into experimentation, what can give you a better opportunity to try new things out than jeans that come in bright colours?  It can give you a kick.

However, one should be a little cautious when colours are concerned. It is a well known fact in fashion that there should not be too many colours in a look as it might distract the attention from the key piece. The key piece here being your coloured jeans, it will be better to go ahead with neutral coloured tops and accessories.

Suits everyone

Another good thing about these jeans is that it suits every body type. If you are on the heavier side, go for the darker shades — plum or even deep jade and pair it up with a cream coloured flowery blouse. Instead of slim fit jeans you could also go for slightly flared ones so that it does not accentuate your problem areas.

If you are curvy, you can either go for straight cuts or for slim cuts. Both these cuts will help you flaunt your curves. Try wearing bolder colours like red or even orange and that will help you grab those eyeballs immediately. You can pair it up with a casual tee and a fitted blazer or you could go ahead with a fitting pastel blouse. Wedges too, will be a good idea here as it will help you in keeping your silhouette sleek.  “I find that these jeans attract more attention to my back and make me look curvier” says Anneliya Sengupta, a college student.

For those on the athletic side, you can really go wild here. You can try the high-waisted jeans and go for the funkiest colours ever. Pick up the brightest pair of yellow jeans and team it up with a pretty pastel or ash coloured blouse. Also, make sure that you are investing in slim fit jeans because if you have good legs, these jeans can work wonders on your figure.

However, if you are not too keen on experimentation and would like to play it safe, then invest in pastel shades. You can pick from the subtlest shade ever of bubblegum pink or even honey.  You could also go for the darkest shades available — bottle green, midnight blue or dark purple would be a good way to start with.  

The price range of this colour essential starts from Rs 750 and can go up to Rs 3000. They are available at all leading stores and high street markets.

Although it has been a while since these coloured jeans were introduced into the market, it might take more time to win the hearts of ladies, especially the ones who want to play it safe, because of its brash nature. Over the last few months there has been a drift towards these jeans and you can see people wearing them at almost every mall and even to night clubs.

At the end of the day, jeans have moved on from being an object of convenience and style, to being an absolute eye-catcher. Branded or otherwise, one cannot deny that coloured jeans do make heads turn.  

Here are some pointers on how to score high on coloured jeans:

- If you’re new to coloured jeans, pair it up with a nude coloured top and pumps.
- If you’re comfortable with bright colours, go ahead with a dark coloured top and heels.
- And if you’re the wild one, colour block! But don’t use more than three colours or you’ll end up looking like a clown.

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