Contemporary designs on the shelves

Contemporary designs on the shelves

Contemporary designs on the shelves

You are what you wear, believe most college students — and they live up to that belief. Today’s young boys and girls are conscious about what they wear and make sure that they always dress according to the occasion.

Proline has encashed on just that trend and tailor-made the ‘Varsity Collection’, exclusively men’s wear, that caters to the lifestyle of the college-goer.

Talking about how the brand struck upon the idea, head-design, Proline India Ltd, Abhay Dev points out, “Dressing for college is not just about clothes, it’s about embracing a lifestyle that’s easygoing, laidback and linked to team spirit and friendship.”

He adds, “Imbibing this attitude, along with inculcating specific aspects of varsity dressing, is a fantastic opportunity to reach a younger audience.”

According to Abhay, the brand put together a team that has researched and worked tirelessly to understand the international trends, history and evolution of varsity dressing.

They even studied focus groups. All this experience has been woven into the collection. Talking about each of the collections, Abhay says that Proline has four sub-brands within their indigenous collections.

‘Proline Colours’ is a universal collection, targeting men of all ages. Basic wardrobe essentials form the basis of this collection and it is ideal for layering. ‘Proline Active’ is a collection of workout wear for the gym, cycling, running — whatever the wearer is dedicated to doing in terms of his or her personal fitness. ‘Proline Originals’ is high-quality and minimal with intricate detailing. ‘Proline Varsity’ is an authentic representation of varsity culture, attitude and style.

The clothes are attractive in terms of colour, cut and design. Abhay states, “The colours that we have used are fresh on trend, imagery and prints. The fits are relaxed and laidback to suit the mindset of the younger generation.”

In terms of accessorising, guys can play around with the varsity wardrobe by add-ons such as scarves and mufflers. “Layering clothes is a very authentic varsity way of dressing. Layering a sweatshirt over a T-shirt or a cardigan over a plain T-shirt is the in thing,” Abhay concludes.