Ashwani Kumar for reducing delays in justice delivery system

Ashwani Kumar for reducing delays in justice delivery system

New Law Minister Ashwani Kumar today said the need of the hour is to reduce delays in justice delivery system and to restore the balance in different organs of the government.

"We need to cut delays in justice delivery system. But most importantly is to restore the fine balance between different organs of government," Kumar said after the swearing-in ceremony here.

Kumar, who was elevated to the cabinet rank in the Union Ministry in the latest reshuffle, emphasised on constitutional discipline.

"The constitutional spirit and its discipline must be imbibed across the border. I believe we will need to bring a bit of constitutional discipline in the manner in which the Law Ministry is expected to be pivot for harmonising various jurisdiction within the government," he said.

Asked about his stand on the contrary views of judiciary and executives on policy issues, Kumar said, "Policy-making is not in the judiciary domain. That is domain of the political executives. It is a certainly in the domain of judiciary to correct aberration and the correct arbitrariness."

He said all institutions of the government need to have self imposed constitutional restraints and to ensure no organ of the government transgresses upon others' jurisdiction.

Kumar, a Rajya Sabha MP from Punjab further said, "Law and Justice Ministry should give the government sound legal advice in a timely manner so that key policy initiatives of the government whether they relate to ministry or governance are not held back unnecessarily."