The sounds and lights are here!

The sounds and lights are here!

The sounds and lights are here!

As Deepavali is fast approaching, dealers in fireworks are on their toes to set up stalls. Most of the playgrounds in the City are now being utilised for the sale of crackers.

Some of these places are Shankarnag Grounds in Basava­nagudi, Chikpet, Balepet, Mamulpet as well as Hosur.

Metrolife speaks to Bangaloreans to find out where they shop for their crackers.
Ravi, an IT professional, says, “My favourite place is Hosur. There, you get almost 90 per cent discount on the MRP. My budget for Deepavali shopping is around Rs 3,000. I am not  interested in buying flower pots or the bhu chakras. I like to buy ten thousand wala lar, which alone comes up to Rs 2,500,” he says.

“If I had to buy the same thing in Bangalore, it would easily cost me Rs 3,500. So I feel going to Hosur is a great idea for those who want to buy crackers worth Rs 1,500 and above. Within Bangalore, I would suggest Malleswaram Grounds and J P Nagar Grounds,” he adds.

The football ground near Sadashivnagar is also a good option for people who live in that area. Akshata, an IT professional, says, “I live in Sadashivnagar, and the football ground here has cracker sale every year. It has a lot of variety and is sold for reasonable rates. There are gift boxes that start from Rs 500. You can also buy only those items that you need. My budget for crackers is around Rs 5,000. However, I would have gone to Hosur for shopping if I had the time.”

Apoorva, a resident of Jayanagar, shops at the playground in Jayanagar 5th Block, every year.  She says, “I do not buy a lot. I am not interested in buying crackers that make a lot of noise and my budget for crackers does not exceed more than Rs 1,000. I prefer celebrating it with flower pots, bhu chakras, sparklers and other such items.” Vikas, an event manager, misses the sales that used to happen on Palace Grounds. He says, “My usual budget for Deepavali celebrations is between Rs 5,000 and Rs 7,000. Earlier, I used to shop at Palace Grounds. Now that option does not exist.”

“My favourite items in crackers are 100 shots, 120 shots, parachute crackers, etc. For such fancy crackers, people can go to RBANMS Grounds at Ulsoor or the playground in Wilson Garden. To purchase in bulk quantities, one should go to Hosur,” he adds.